Star Citizen Ile Avalon Pilot Logbook
Flight notebook of a Star Citizen

Star Citizen Logbook

The flight book of ile-avalon, a Star Citizen

Star Citizen, massively multiplayer persistent universe in which the player evolves in the Milky Way of the 30th century, 930 years after our era, governed by the UEE (United Empire of Earth), and Squadron 42, multi-chapter solo campaign in which the player enlisted in the UEE army, are the two parts of a video game adventure and space simulation edited and developed by Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), all under the direction of Chris Roberts, known for creating the Wing Commander, Wing Commander: Privateer, Starlancer and Freelancer games.

The game Star Citizen is funded in a participative way and is currently under development.
Currently, no release date has been announced.

It is possible to access the Alpha by financially assisting its development. Acquiring a starter pack is enough, the game requires no subscription. But who says Alpha, says bug, reset the progress in game, features not implemented, etc. The game is far from over, do not invest in the game if your only goal is to benefit from early access, but do it to support its development. You'll have plenty of time to play once it's finished.

The Squadron 42 single-player campaign is scheduled to be a trilogy, the first part of which is unofficially scheduled for late 2020, early 2021, although no date has actually been confirmed. Access to the campaign is closed, but it is possible to pre-order the game either by acquiring a Starterpack including Star Citizen and Squadron 42, or by acquiring the campaign individually.

Choose your Ship
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Whether you're the kind of lonely adventurer who breaks rocks all day long, or an old man who's always ready to fight, or even a journalist at heart ready to brave the dangers for 30 seconds of video footage of a conflict between two corporations, it doesn't matter which path you choose, as long as the ship that accompanies you is the right one for you, this article is designed to help you make that choice...

List of Ships and Vehicles
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Not all ships and vehicles are available for sale online, for some you will have to wait to access them and for others it may be more complicated. Keep in mind that most of these ships are, or will be, available in game and that their online acquisition is by no means an obligation even if we will only talk about online acquisition here....

Loaner Ship Matrix
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When you buy a ship online, it is possible that the ship is still in draft or design stage and may not be available in-game. If this is the case, CIG will lend you a replacement ship in the meantime. Below is a loaner ship matrix, which currently includes all ships not available in the Persistent Universe and their respective loans, as well as complement ships... is entirely dedicated to Star Citizen and Squadron 42. I designed this site with the aim of sharing my experience in the game, without having the pretension of creating an encyclopedia dedicated to the game, or even a large-scale information site, although over time the site is getting bigger and bigger. This site should be seen as a "Notebook" in which I will add all kinds of information. Whether it's an article, a spaceship, a system, or even a crush, a rant... I'll add all kinds of information. The site will evolve according to my desires.


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